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  • Proud to Announce a New Endorsement

    As the product of a working-class household who has always understood and appreciated the importance of worker solidarity, I am proud to announce, that on this Labor Day 2015, I am fortunate to have earned the support of the Triangle Labor Council of AFL-CIO. Happy Labor Day Chapel Hill!1 Join the Triangle Labor Council and support the campaign by hitting the Donate button above!

  • We got the Equality North Carolina Endorsement

    Thank you Equality NC for the support and the trust you have that I will continue to work as Mayor of Chapel Hill for the rights of all including the LGBT community. You can learn more about the other candidates endorsed by ENC including Donna Bell, Lee Storrow, Michael Parker and Jim Ward here.

  • Facebook group is active again

    I last had a Facebook group back in 2011.  In recent weeks, several people have requested to be added to it.  So, I re-branded it for 2015.  If you haven’t joined head over there now.


BiographyMark KleinschmidtRe-elect

Mark was first elected Mayor in 2009 after serving two terms on the Chapel Hill Town Council. When not engaged in town business, the Mark is an attorney in the Chapel Hill offices of Tin Fulton Walker & Owen, a North Carolina firm specializing in civil rights advocacy. In 2012 he was named one of the Triangle’s Top 100 most influential business leaders by the Triangle Business Journal.

Being mayor isn't just running meetings, but celebrating, planning, & dealing with the unexpected.

— Mark Kleinschmidt
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